About debugging the arducopter firmware on windows in eclipse IDE

Hi, i am trying to build the adrucopter for pixhawk firmware,its building and generating adrucopter.px4, px4io-v2.elf and px4io-v2.bin files. when i debug the code, it is running the px4io-v2 code. but i want to run the px4fmu-v2 code please help me.

Have you tried http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/debugging-with-gdb.html#starting-gdb-and-running-some-commands?

thanks for your reply sir, I tried by giving px4fmu-v2_APM.build/firware.elf in debugger configuration of eclipse but i am not able to run in debug mode. I am trying to build the arducopter in ardupilot. The target px4-v2 by default it is generating px4io-v2.elf, px4io-v2.bin and arducopter.px4 files inside arducopter folder so after building px4-v2 target when i am adding new configuration in debug configurations in eclipse it is taking ArduCopter\px4io-v2.elf under main c/c++ applications.so i want to generate ArduCopter\px4fmu-v2.elf, so that it will take ArduCopter\px4fmu-v2.elf in debug configurations to debug px4fmu-v2 code in eclipse on windows pc.