A SW for the new flight controller Matek F765

Is there any planning to support the new flight controller Matek F765? Which software version is recommended for this flight controller? Thanks for the help


it is supported but only in master, not got to stable yet

Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate it.


Does the video switching and Vsw will be supported ?

Thanks for feedback

not supported currently, might be in the future, I do notice there are two GPIO pins defined in hwdef file…

could be for that or could be for something else, cant tell with out a schematic or one in front of me.

@iampete Video TX (on/off) and Camera switching are working without any changes in Ardupilot. Check out Matek documentation. http://www.mateksys.com/?portfolio=f765-wing#tab-id-6

I have ordered one and will try it.


I received the F765.
It seems to be made to a high standard.
Nice engineering work was done with semi-flexible connections stubs between the boards.
The holes in the panel do not allow 22-gauge wires to be inserted.
Using BF plus Zadek allowed the firmware to be uploaded to the board smoothly.
The spec is very promising, looking forward to seeing it in action.
Where can I read about the GPIO & hwdef. Thanks for the support.

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Here for that board. Ah , just saw it’s the same link Peter posted.

I have already flown through the first test, and it is still a traditional helicopter.
detail:ArduHeli 4.0 FW support for MatekSYS F765 wing

I would like to try the camera switching in ardupilot with the F765, but I’m a bit confused.
How exactly does it switch the camera signal, and what is the Vsw pad for you can bridge (the one you can bridge to 5 or 9V)?