A non-ros implementation of indoor navigation using realsense t265

Hi all,
I would like to show you my approach for indoor navigation using a realsense t265.
I have scoured the internet and this forum trying to implement the indoor navigation using vision_position_estimate. but that did not lead anywhere, I had so many error related to compass.
I moved away to another mavlink message that uses motion capture information. This work is based on chobitsfan’s work using the optitrack system, which is very expensive. Since he used position x y and z and quaternions, the same information my realsense can provide me. Here is a video of test flight at home:

the setup is a 3d printed frame and a raspberry pi connected to realsense t265 and a navio2 board:

the script is very simple, a while loop that keep sending mocap message using dronekit:

def send_mocap(quat,y,x,z):
msg = vehicle.message_factory.att_pos_mocap_encode(
int(round(time.time() * 1000000)), #us Timestamp (UNIX time or time since system boot)
-x, #Global X position
y, #Global Y position
z #Yaw angle
#0 #covariance :upper right triangle (states: x, y, z, roll, pitch, ya
#0 #reset_counter:Estimate reset counter.


The heaviest task is the installation of the realsense SDK and software on a raspberry pi:

The flight is no where near perfect, the drone definetly knows where he has to go back to hold its position, the small drift can be due to a small room size, or pid tuning, or time synchronization between companion computer and the camera… I’m not sure how to make it perfect, and I need your opinion on this. I did use the 3.7-dev branch of chobitsfan that include a parameter ek2_extnav_delay. I also reduce the variance of the position for the ekf… any comments and question are welcome !
I will upload parameters and log and the whole python tomorrow, promise.
Cheers, Ali


Hi thanx for the tutorial,
I am trying to make something similar with an UWB system named pozyx but i am having some issues,
may be it is about configuration. because i am getting the position (x,y,z) as well as the orientation (quaternion ).
The pozyx system is using the ENU system Coordinates and the converion fron ENU to NED is straightforward.
my question is how to set the origin point for the drone ?
I tried the implementation using ROS but my x and y axis are not reliable , only the z axis is ok
any help about configuration will be welcome

Hello we are working on the same project
“vision_position_estimate. but that did not lead anywhere, I had so many error related to compass”
It’s the same problem
Can I have a more detailed explanation?

share your parameters, you need to disable the compass and the gps

@Ali_UpUpnAway have you achieved any kind of stable hovering with POZYX?

No, never used pozyx before

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