A Multifaceted Control of Siamese Fixed-wing Aircraft

Hello fellow developers, I am a Chinese engineer. Recently I had a very peculiar idea of ​​connecting the wings of multiple fixed-wing aircraft and flying them as one large wingspan aircraft. The aircraft is different from existing aircraft models. Its wings are soft, which means that the ailerons will be inefficient or even ineffective. So I’m going to use different elevators to forcibly twist the entire wing, so that the lift on the left and right sides is different, thereby deflecting the ailerons. (looks a bit like a helix). Because there are multiple elevators, their mixing ratios should be different (the same ratio can also fly, but I think different ratios will be better).
What I want to say is that although the mixing ratio can be set in the current firmware, it is not possible to set different ratios of multiple rudder surfaces at the same time, which may be added in future firmware. Similar to how INAV is set up.
Of course, as an engineer, I most hope to have a way of using formulas to set the mixing ratio required for each rudder surface.
If, at present, I have a total of 5 elevators, from left to right are E1, E2, E3, E4, E5.

E1 = elevator * 50% + aileron * 50%;
E2 = elevator * 50% + aileron * 25%;
E3 = elevator * 50%;
E4 = elevator * 50% - aileron * 25%;
E5 = elevator * 50% - aileron * 50%;

Of course, the throttle should also use differential control with different ratios to facilitate steering

fun project!
you can achieve this with a lua script that creates servo outputs from existing scaled aileron and elevator output.
Have a look at the plane-doublets.lua example script for something that uses these APIs

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LUA refers to the script on the opentx remote?
Or can the flight controller also use the LUA script?
I have not used the LUA script on the flight controller, can you give me a link to teach it?

lua can run on the flight controller
you need a flight controller with 2M of flash

Thank you so much, it’s like opening the door to a new world