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A little help needed

(scott) #1

I downloaded Mission planner, Flashed my PX4 v2, and now it no longer communicates with the pc, thru telemetry. no beeps, etc.

How do I undo it? I found some instructions, with links to things to do it, that are dead links…

Thanks in advance.

(Fred Robinson) #2

The port number most likely changed in Windows when you flashed the firmware and need to re select it in MP.

(scott) #3

There isnt a port, it doesnt show up in device manager at all

(scott) #4

Now no matter how it is powered I don’t get any beeps.
no FMU lights at all.
IO green and red led’s on, blue flashing fast. Arm flashing fast, main light solid white

(vosair ) #5

See if you can update the firmware on the px4. Check device manager and see if it comes up as a valid com port. If not, install the latest CP210xx drivers.

(scott) #6

I tried fixing the bootloader from the ssd, never erases it.

I tried removing and replacing the drivers as well.

(scott) #7

If I try to connect thru the telemetry, I get a no heartbeat error

(Matthew ) #8

Are you connecting it through a telemetry radio or is it through USB to the PC? I have found that some USB cords just simply won’t work when trying to connect them to a flight controller and MP. If you have the original cable that came with the pixhawk then use that or try a few cables.

(scott) #9

I have tried different cables, etc. The telemetry doesn’t work.

I tried various ways of reflashing it that are posted here and there.

I am fairly sure it is bricked at this point.