A little help needed

I downloaded Mission planner, Flashed my PX4 v2, and now it no longer communicates with the pc, thru telemetry. no beeps, etc.

How do I undo it? I found some instructions, with links to things to do it, that are dead links…

Thanks in advance.

The port number most likely changed in Windows when you flashed the firmware and need to re select it in MP.

There isnt a port, it doesnt show up in device manager at all

Now no matter how it is powered I don’t get any beeps.
no FMU lights at all.
IO green and red led’s on, blue flashing fast. Arm flashing fast, main light solid white

See if you can update the firmware on the px4. Check device manager and see if it comes up as a valid com port. If not, install the latest CP210xx drivers.

I tried fixing the bootloader from the ssd, never erases it.

I tried removing and replacing the drivers as well.

If I try to connect thru the telemetry, I get a no heartbeat error

I have tried different cables, etc. The telemetry doesn’t work.

I tried various ways of reflashing it that are posted here and there.

I am fairly sure it is bricked at this point.