A 3-axis gimbal pod with great performance at an affordable price

Guys, today I’d like to recommend a gimbal pod from Amovlab, which has the following main features.

  1. 11.3 megapixels, 4K 30 fps video recording
  2. 3-axis gimbal
  3. Support C++ SDK and ROS SDK
  4. Compact design
  5. Reasonable price

Mavlink 2.0 support?
Integrated in ArduPilot 4.3.x ?
Link to datasheet?

Such incomplete post should be deleted. You leave out all the interresting facts.

I’m sorry for the confusion. Here are your concerns and more information:

Do NOT support Mavlink 2.0
NOT Integrated in ArduPilot 4.3.X at present
The usual price is $660, and we recently had a sale for less than $560. (Shipping cost is not included) You can buy it directly on Aliexpress.com and we will ship it to you from China. Here is the purchase link:

Datasheet please check: G1ProductManual.pdf

For your information, we have a series of test video on YouTube: G1 pod