A 3-axis gimbal pod with great performance at an affordable price

Guys, today I’d like to recommend a gimbal pod from Amovlab, which has the following main features.

  1. 11.3 megapixels, 4K 30 fps video recording
  2. 3-axis gimbal
  3. Support C++ SDK and ROS SDK
  4. Compact design
  5. Reasonable price

Mavlink 2.0 support?
Integrated in ArduPilot 4.3.x ?
Link to datasheet?

Such incomplete post should be deleted. You leave out all the interresting facts.

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I’m sorry for the confusion. Here are your concerns and more information:

Do NOT support Mavlink 2.0
NOT Integrated in ArduPilot 4.3.X at present
The usual price is $660, and we recently had a sale for less than $560. (Shipping cost is not included) You can buy it directly on Aliexpress.com and we will ship it to you from China. Here is the purchase link:

Datasheet please check: G1ProductManual.pdf

For your information, we have a series of test video on YouTube: G1 pod

we update a test video of G1 pod:

Can you work together with @rmackay9 to integrate this gimbal into ArduPilot?

Thanks, we are glad to integrate this gimbal into ArduPilot, please connect us for this issue: service@amovauto.com, we will try every effort to figure that out.

Hello We haven’t received any messages, can you tell us how we can get in touch @rmackay9 to integrate this gimbal into ArduPilot?

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You have two options:

  • Reinvent the wheel: create your own protocol. And then implement a set of custom device drivers for Ardupilot, another set for PX4, another set for betaflight… etc. Lots of work for every new flight controller that you want to support.


  • do not reinvent the wheel, use the standard mavlink gimbal protocol, write one device driver on your code, and instantly support both ArduPilot, PX4 and all the other flight controllers that use the mavlink standard.

Option 2 is less work, and a lot faster. Which do you prefer? Professional R&D would choose option 2.

BTW you should reach out to Randy, not the other way around. He will answer to this thread for sure.

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Hi @amov_lab,

Sorry, I missed your reply so I’ve sent you an email just now.

I guess the gimbal has a serial interface so we could write a driver for that I think. I can’t immediately find a description of the serial interface though (e.g. the packet structure used). Could you provide me a link?

Hi @amov_lab,

I haven’t heard back from you but if you do, at some point, want me to write an AP driver I’m happy to. I will need some info on the serial interface as mentioned above.

Thanks again.

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Hello @rmackay9 I am very sorry for the late reply, we had a rather long New Year holiday earlier and are now back at work.
Thank you very much for your kind help, but I have confirmed with our R&D engineers that the G1 pod may not be able to support Ardupilot, but we will be releasing a new G2 pod later this year (around June) that will support Ardupilot, and I will contact you for your help then if possible.

Thanks again.

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OK great, thanks for the update.

Hello @amov_lab ,
What is the sensor size and photo image resolution of the comming G2 pod ?
If I may suggest (from customer point of view), there is a need to use this kind of gimbal camera for simple mapping. For this purpose, ideally sensor size is about 1/1.7 or bigger, with 20 Mpix photo image. Of course bigger is better.
Thank you