915Mhz Telemetry module is Blanking laptop screen

Hi, I recently bought a laptop with intended use for a ground station for Mission Planner + Pixhawk.

Everytime I plug in the telemetry radio (Standard 915mhz) the Laptop screen has a chance to go blank. The only way to regain the screen is to click the power button and restart the laptop. Even unplugging the USB radio will not resume the screen.

Whats odd, is that it seems that the blanks only occur with a certain distance the radios get. So, the further away they are, the less chance there is of a black screen.

Could you explain the last statement again please. Some more detail.
Does you usb cable have a blocking ferrite choke on it? You know what I mean?

There is no USB cable. The module has a USB plug directly on the case, similar to a USB thumb drive.

In the last statement, I was trying to explain how it seems the signal strength of the Telemetry radios determines the chance of a black screen. The closer the radios get, the more likely the screen to go black.