90kg quadcopter not stable, any PID suggestions?

I am not getting the tune to work on a large, 90kg quadcopter. Linked is the bin file from one test. I managed to keep it hovering about 1m above ground with a lot of control input. I have lowered the PIDs a lot but it is still struggling.
It is a large 3m diameter X-quad with 51" props, KV44. 4 x 24S batteries are strapped to the arms so there is a lot of weight far from the center of gravity. Arducopter v4.4.4

Any suggestions on how to change the PIDS?


Use "ArduPilot methodic configurator software " to guide you through a proven sequence of steps guaranteed to get you a working vehicle

Thanks. I just did. It gave me higher PIDs than before. I will try and see how it works out.

Post a .zip file with the files generated from the ArduPilot Methodic Configurator"