900MHz WiFi HaLow HD Digital & Video Link Telemetry Radio System_1.2KM 720p 30ms

When it comes to bypass, wifi, bluetooth, Z-wave, Zigbee related solutions are directly eliminated, and the remaining LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IOT and other communication distance is OK, but their bandwidth is small. So is there no high-bandwidth, good bypass, and cheap figure-digital transmission link? Although many private protocol products can do it in terms of bypass, they are generally more expensive.
The Wi-Fi HaLow protocol is designed to solve these problems and exists. What are the wfihalow products that can be bought for about $150?
Amovlab’s Mini Homer is not bad actually, small size, light weight, Wi-Fi HaLow protocol supports up to 11M bandwidth transmission, communication distance of 1.2km+, support point-to-point, networking, and relay a variety of ways to transmit. The most critical, the data are real and conservative. The extreme 1.6km (self-test) product, we claim 1.2km.
Here is our distance test video.

Here are some test videos, including Mini Homer’s outdoor maximum transmission distance test, relay transmission test, Mini Homer’s application test on a fixed-wing aircraft, Mini Homer’s cross-floor data transmission stability test indoors, and Mini Homer’s data transmission stability test on Xiaomi’s Cyberdog. Hope it can be helpful to you.
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We are doing some experiments with the modules here:

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