802.11AH HaLow IOT wifi 920mhz

I have started to see cheap modules using the 802.11AH standard, this gives up to 30mbit, not blazing fast but it should go about 1000m using omni antennas at 100mw. these could be utilized for a long range video and telmetry link.


Could be a good solution , but there is not much information about the technology.
I found this manufacturer that gives a little more specifications and inner working


Well… I just ordered a pair of the barebone radio :slight_smile:


Some preparation work here


Wired Ethernet gstreamer pipeline delay
Using this (set the camera in Legacy Mode with raspi-config):
raspivid -n -w 800 -h 600 -b 1000000 -fps 30 -t 0 -o - | gst-launch-1.0 -v fdsrc ! h264parse ! rtph264pay config-interval=10 pt=96 ! udpsink host= port=5600

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OK I received the radios
Hookup with power and Ethernet
This is a Transparent Bridge so it basically transport whatever ethernet stuff you inject

The transmission delay is 300msec , so if we substract the 200 millisec from the camera/display system (shown above) , the Over the Air delay is 100msec

Here is a picture
Top to Bottom
Router to 802.11AH AP
802.11AH Sta to RPI Zero with Camera

I used the TBS Crossfire Micro dipole antenna.

Next, Range Test… in snowy winter here in Québec. :wink:


what did you have to do to the bare modules to get them operational? was it just wiring or was there any configuration?

Just connect 12V and Ethernet to the JST 1.25mm connector

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For reference
No crossover = TX+ on TX+ and so on.


30$ for 100-200ms for let’s say 500m, that is quite interesting.

There is amovlab on discuss that is also selling a fully ingrated solution for this but that is more expensive.


Did you have a chane to make any range test?


I am planning to do it this week

really looking forward to it, i am really tempted to buy 2 raspberry hats to test.

Did anyone manage to test the range? Also, I it looks like the that maximum of 4 STA are supported per AP. Anyone tried more and if it worked? Any chance of being able to replace generic firmware with OpenWRT?

hi guys, i received a pair of those modules. Anyone has a clue on how to set zone/band? I need to set them to 868mhz

The rf SoC TXW8301 spec sheet is here

You need to patch the mcu code within the Serial NOR Flash Memory to select good frequency at bootup… not easy :wink:


I just wired one of them to ethernet + power as you suggested, but cannot see/receive anything. Do you have some more info? Is there a fixed IP configuration? Do you know if this moduel has an SPI interface also? I tried to download spec sheet from website, but it requires to sign in and i could not do it for some reason it does not accept my credentials

I think I put all the necessary info on this thread
I couldnt get access to download either

thanks poirier. Do you have some hints on IP config? Do they config though DHCP? i can’t get info on that…

As I wrote above:

So, if you have a working IP Web Cam connected to a wired router, you just need to “insert” the wireless bridge between camera and router