6S, 30000mAh LIPO Battery

we are using 6s 30000mAh LIPO battery. but failsafe is trigger after using 16000mAh with multirotor drone using pixhawk cube orange. Is any one face this problem? Any solution?

I am not sure if that will help but have you tried to change the failsafe parameter for the battery failsafe? BATT_CRT_MAH, and BATT_LOW_MAH, if these are already set than the battery’s critical voltage might be breached and that might also trigger the battery failsafe. BATT_CRT_VOLT, BATT_LOW_VOLT.
You can check this page to get an idea about it I guess.

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Please supply a link to the .bin log file from that flight with the failsafe.
Do you use the standard power brick that comes with the Cube, or something else?

I am using HS MAUCH Power module.

Yes, but battery mAh is not used fully. Battery failsafe trigger due to battery low voltage.
Upto what voltage per cell we used for lipo cell.

It would be good to see a log so we can tell what is really happening.
You should have EXACTLY these settings for 6S LiPo


Don’t alter them if you are getting unexpected failsafes, it’s more likely your voltage sensor is not calibrated properly, there is a wiring fault, or your battery is in worse condition than you though.


What are the parameters of BATT_CRT_MAH, BATT_LOW_MAH, and BATT_CAPACITY set?

BATT_CRT_MAH: 7500, BATT_LOW_MAH: 10000, and BATT_CAP: 30000

A .bin log of flight would be the only way we can tell what is happening.