5in quad copter frame using pixhawk cube and motors and battery are too hot

am using arducopter latest version and using flywoo 2306.5 motors and prop 5*4.6 frame is QAV250 GLASS FIBER FPV QUADCOPTER MULTICOPTER FRAME.

electronics pixhawk cube esc 50 Amp flywoo goku esc batt tattu 2000 mah 4s battery .

after running one min i checked the motors are too hot . why it happen

D terms too high, but there’s a lot of things to get wrong with the small quads, so a .bin log file is the only thing that will tell what is bappening.
Did you follow the initial parametres plug in (press Alt A on the keyboard while connected to MissionPlanner) and the tuning guide?


log file link

I think 20+ Amps is a lot for a 5inch quad
There’s some bad stability/attitude control issue, but I dont see anything drastically wrong with the initial parameters. D terms are not too high (as far as I know) so I think the motors are just heating up because of the struggle to keep the oscillations under control.
You could need to set these higher, like double the present value
and maybe reduce these to:

But refer to the tuning guide to adjust your params to get stable flight
Copter Tuning Process Instructions

EDIT actually you might even need to go much higher on these, not lower:
but test the two scenarios and see what you get.
Probably these can even be much more than double present value, more like 4 times to about 12.0

Thank for giving reply . Actually in ardupilot tuning documents for 5inch quad gyro and Accel filter 80Hz . That’s how I changed th values . I will change the parameters what you suggested to me . Then I will come back.

Yes it’s bad stability and attitude is not but on HUD am not observed vibe levels that much .but when I observed tha quad it’s too much oscillation. How can I get stable flight.

Dear ,

i tested with both scenarios . the result is same nothing change
see the both log filer here;