5g Cellular Modem Telementry, Data, Ground Control, etc

Is there any info that is current in regards to using 5g Cellular for communications instead of Radio?

Is Ardupilot Cloud the only option?

I simply want to use 5g cellular network for all my communications instead of radio.

If anyone can recommend 5g modems, routers or whatever everyone is using I would appreciate the info.


Hi @Rat_Fink This is my first reply on this platform. Sorry if i will make any mistake.

5G Modem
→ There are enough 5G module available on the internet one that i can pick for you
https://www.waveshare.com/usb-to-m.2-b-key.htm this one .(Please See Band availability and
operator support for this modem) and enough from quectel as well.

To Control Over 5G (I am assuming you already have companion computer for your rover.)
→ You can create your cloud based app for your drone/rover and control it over 5G (Example video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IokyotAGbJI ). In this video t is explained for quadcopter but similiar connection process for any vehicle.

→ arducloud is one of the options

→ and one more app that i have created during college days (https://idronam.com/) this is typically for quadcopters runnning ardupilot but you can send them mail to extend the support for rovers as well. Its free for individual/developers/hobbyist.

I hope this helps .
if there is any thing else please let me know.