5/7 inch Source One with Cube on mini carrier

Hi,ive built a 5/7 inch quad with a pixhawk cube 2,1 on a mini cattier board,this has been a fun project and it has all the autonomous function’s plus can do missions,next step is to fit the benewake lidar.
I would like to thank IAMMATT and wicked1 for there input in there respective threads on here,also A very big thank you to Ben and Ian at 3DXR in the uk who’s knowledge and service is the best in the business thank you all.
Any questions just ask.

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Just for fun? Or are you going to put it to work? I’m curious how easy it is to get the benewake unit working. Which model are you going to try?

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great stuff. I met Ben from 3DXR at last year’s Hex conference. Knowledgeable and a nice guy!

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This is just a fun project for going out flying with the dogie doing mision’s etc.ive got the Benewake TF mini but think I will order a Benewake TF 02 its just so enjoyable playing with the ardupilot stuff and so many nice and helpful people on here


Nice build!
Did not see that mini carrierboard before. How are you liking it?

You could save weight and get more space by using a much smaller (and better imo) power module, i like this one a lot https://store.mrobotics.io/product-p/mro-acsp7v10-mr.htm (or use esc32 with current sensor build in, then you just need a 5v converter)


Thank you for your kind words and link to the power module,im going to be some mods to it and may well get that mrobotics one.

Here is a link to were I got my mini carrier board, https://www.3dxr.co.uk/product/mini-carrier-board/ they offer great service and are very knowledgeable,hope this helps