4 in 1 ESC Pixhawk Mini Wiring Help

Hello. I have Pixhawk mini and RacerStar 35A 4in1 ESC for my quad. And I have trouble making quad fly. -I have a power module between esc and battery and that module also powers pixhawk (it had the wire for it and I soldered them)
-ESC’s pin outs are here as shown
-Pixhawk Mini’s Pin Outs are here

I soldered the motor IN1-2-3-4 to pixhawk’s pin 1-2-3-4 (yeah it is prob wrong but easy to change). I don’t know where VBAT, CRNT, GND pins on the esc are going to plug in or necessary.
With this configs I can only make 2 motors work. And 1 motor is spinning while throttle is min. Here is the video
I’m in a hurry a little bit. I need all kinds of help of yours and will be appreciated

If the ESCs are dshot(they look like they are), they go on AUX1-4. Also you’ll have to change SERVO9_FUNCTION==33 till SERVO12_FUNCTION==36

Btw I calibrated the ESC’s and now 2 motors spin together exactly same but other 2 are still unresponsive

Can you confirm whether you are running DSHOT or PWM?

Well can you tell me how can I check that?

If you don’y know you are running PWM because it’s default for Motor Type.

Yes probably it is PWM. I still can’t figure out how can I make all motors work. Btw when I lift the drone up or move it a little bit that 2 motors are changing speeds. (It is in Acro Mode)

If it’s PWM then outputs 1-4 are fine. Motor order here, then use Mission Planners Motor Test to determine if you have it correct for order and direction:

Page down near the bottom of that link for the Motor Test order.

My pixhawk looks like this. They are not 3 cables.

A clone of a discontinued product. But anyway so what. Use a common ground for all 4 ESC’s and then connect the individual signal wires.

It’s a 4in1 esc so there is only 1 ground cable and I don’t know where to connect it