4.1 beta autotune failsafe

Using 4.1 beta on custom hw, on a quad frame using CRSF 23, around halfway through roll autotune quad decided to RTL, at first I thought it was a fly-a-way but no looking at the logs it had a radio failsafe so mode was change to rtl, changed to stabilise flew back no issues and landed.

Did 3 more flights with no issues except it would not complete a yaw tune on a single battery, in the logs I noticed yaw imbalance of 14% separate issue to the failsafe.


Log .bin

There have been other reports of radio failsafe with CRSF - could be the same.

It wasn’t a drama, just thought I should mention it.

Do you have @yaapu telemetry enabled? I’m trying to figure out what might cause this. Are you using tracer or regular CRSF?

Regular CRSF, yes i was using Yappu telem but had forgotten to turn on crossfire in the Radiomaster config widget. So at that moment no although the quad was setup for it.

In case it is helpful here is the other discussion involving failsafes when using CRSF and Yaapu telemetry: Radio failsafe with CRSF with Yaapu Telemetry with FrSky Taranis; log analysis help requested

Thanks @rmackay9 I’ve read through it…

I’m not sure what this means. I think the FC will send passthrough telemetry if the options bit is set regardless of TX settings.

Do you mean regardless of uart settings or xf tx settings?

Regardless of XF TX settings. I think its all CRSF over the air.

That’s what I thought it was anyway… the protocol. I turned mavlink off on xf