3dr x8m short air time

Hi all,

I built a 3DR X8. all components are 3dr short of the gimbal, camera and interface.
my problem with this is that it pulls 40A while hovering eating 10000mAh in arround 7minutes
AUW is 3650g

Is this standard for X8?
Doeas anyone have any idea how to lower consumption?

How many volts? 4S? 6S?

I am interested, too!

I have 3DR X8+ with Gimbal (consuming power) and GoPro (payload).

Using the X8+ specifically for auto missions.

10000 mAh 4S battery delivers 8-10 minutes flight, but I want more.

Voltage drop is the issue. I have noticed that when voltage reaches 14.3 the mAh is still less than 6000.

What if I connect TWO 10000 mAh 4S batteries in parallel?

As per the specs X8+ has about 800g of payload capacity. The second 10000 mAh 4S battery is 804g. How much more flight time would I gain?


I am using 2*4S 5000mAh =10000mAh 4S - Nanotech
FS set to 12V 1000mAh . now that is low even for my taste.

Keep in mind…8 motors and depending on size of motors 4S may not be a lot of power for it.

Can’t figure out what motors are on my X8+ :frowning:
Props have a writing 11x4.7.

I have 5psc of 4S 10000mAh. I’m ready to change them to 5S or 6S ones if I can get a longer flight.

What would you advise?


You can’t just change the battery voltage without knowing what motors you have. Going to a higher voltage could burn up the motors, the escs or both. You really need to find out what kind of motors/escs you have first.

X8 was shipped with 2 motors
black: 2836-9 880KV and the blue to which I don’t know the spec as I chose the black.:frowning:
The problem with 6S is that it will first fry the 3DR power brick which maxes out at 16V if I recall correctly.

I don’t want to raise the voltage. I want to add more mAh and MAINTAIN the voltage. Is it possible to achieve this if I “marry” two 4S 10000mAh in a PARALLEL circuit?


All 8 motors on my X8+ are black.
Where did you get the specs?


Theoretically yes, but that will add weight which increases consumption.
Let’s try it!
my 2*5000mAh 4S weighs 1260g. I’ll lift up all 4.

Guess I misunderstood when you said you’d raise to 5s or 6s which does increase voltage.

Increasing capacity will also increase weight which in turn will decrease endurance. It’s a tradeoff.

Added 1260g weight so the AUW is 4760g measured.
Consumption increased to 56A from 40A which is absolutely acceptable under the conditions.That would give approx 30min flight time…

Problem is the motors ran extremely hot.
If I would have flown out the whole 20000mAh the motors would surely burn out! Even the booms got worm.
I’ll try with 15000mAh and 600g less in the morning.

You didn’t misunderstood, I just made a wrong statement. You are right that more cells will increase voltage.

So, would you recommend adding a second 4S 10000mAh on to the X8+? I do understand that it’s a trade-off, but will it NOT increase the flight time even for 3-5 more minutes?

Did you fly it for 30 min?

My longest flight with X8+ was about 11-12 min and I touch the motors every time it lands. I never found them hot, not even warm.

Thanks for experimenting!

NO, it was a 1 min flight.
theoretically20Ah eaten at 56A rate would be little less than 30min.

Motors will burn in 2 min.
no good.

I’m not clear why should they burn out?
Are we both talking about X8+?


I don’t know about your motors but mine were almost glowing. I am sure mine would have burned,

Do you have CAM lines in your log file?

I couldn’t find any. What data should I look for?


“CAM” at the beginning of the line in the log.