3DR telemetry radio and pixhawk not connecting to computer

I have a pixhawk 1 and telemetry radios (They are from 3DR) to go with it. Neither are connecting to my computer. I tried reinstalling mission planner and that didn’t work. I also checked device manager and found that neither appear on any com port when I plug them in. It’s as if the computer doesn’t even know there is anything there. This issue has arisen sometime in the last 5 months which is how long ago I last flew my quad-copter. Is the problem something to do with the drivers? and if so, how can i fix it?

Try to use a quality USB cable and remember that without a Micro SD in the Pixhawk it will not connect to Mission Planner.

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I do have an SD card in the pixhawk and have tried multiple cables. Whatever the issues is, it also won’t recognize the radio’s. But, they are receiving power from the usb port.

Try to format the micro SD or use a different one.

Did you try with another PC to check if the problem is on Pixhawk side or Pc side ?

In Mission Planner, CTRL+F will open a window where there is an option to remove all APM drivers, then after reboot you can see if windows will search a driver or not and then reinstall it with MP.

Sounds similar to this thread
Solved with installing older com port drivers.