3DR Solo as a platform to play with CANbus

It seems there are differences between CANbus implementations. I know that CANbus was used on the Solo for some functions but the hardware documentation is sparse. Are there a lot of compatibility issues between implementations of CANbus like what was used in Solo vs UAVCAN?

Now that Solo is being supported in Master would the Solo be a good platform to dig into CANbus or was it’s use proprietary and non-standard? Would the messages be unique to 3DR hardware.

Thanks for you insights.

The more I research the more it appears that canbus was not used much or if at all.

The compass, Smart Battery, LED’s are I2C
The GPS is standard serial.
The ESC;s appear to be PWM.
Communications with the Linux module is serial
So not much left to be using CANbus. Gimbal maybe, I have not researched that yet.

I know little about the CANbus for Arducopter,but I really want to try it so that I can add more equipments on my UAV. If U have made any progress,it will be thankful to share your exprement.

I have had great success. May I provide the links to my articles about my exploration with CANbus. I think it is very advantageous. It is simpler, more reliable and has uniform connectors and cables to all devices. Canbus is still not finished with Arducopter in a released firmware.
Good Luck