3DR Pixhawk Mini, which firmware?

I have two “3DR Pixhawk Mini” boards, currently running PX4.
Is it possible to run Ardupilot firmware on these boards?

I cannot find the board in this list: https://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable/

If it is possible, what version should i choose?

If it’s the old original one then Pixhawk1. I was going to say Pixhawk1-1M but I think these Mini’s had the Rev 3 processor with 2Mb Flash.

I ended up using the “fmuv3” firmware for this board.
BRD_TYPE set to 5 (Pixhawk mini)

I ran into a issue with the ICM20608.
It shows up as a MPU6000 in the HWID list, how can i change this to the correct type?

@oveh , were you able to use Arupilot FW on 3dr Pixhawk Mini? I also have the old board running Px4 stack, but I would love to use more familiar to me Arduplane.

3dr pixhawk mini its FMUv2… just check if it have the MCU stm32f427vit6 rev 3 coz i notice that some clones like the pixfalcon have a different mcu that are limited to flash size.

I belive you should use the FMUv3, if your Pixhawk Mini have 2 mb flash (same as mine).
FMUv3 works fine on my mini board.

The mini have a small cosmetic issue, the ICM20608 identifies as a MPU6000, but it should not affect the flight performance: Wrong/missing IMU in HWID page · Issue #16112 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Do I need to take the cover off to see what MCU is on the board or there are software ID that could indicate MCU type?

I would just use Pixhawk1 (which includes FMUV3)

When i tried the Pixhawk firmware back in 2020, only the MPU9250 was detected HWID page, the ICM20608 (identified as a MPU6000) was missing, but that might have changed now…

Pixhawk1 includes FMUV3 plus a few additional options. It should be good. But not sure if it will show the ICM20608 correctly.

I loaded Plane/stable-4.1.4/Pixhawk1, and it reads below.

does this look correct?

I was able to flash both Pixhawk1 and FMUv3 to the 3DR Pixhawk Mini board, but as far as i remember, one IMU was missing on the mission planner hardware page when i was using the Pixhawk1 firmware, that`s why i ended up using the FMUv3 firmware.

It looks like the ICM20608 is missing with you also… Try the FMUv3 and compare.

See my hardware list below, with GPS connected

If Pixhawk1 doesn’t show it correctly I don’t see how FMUv3 can as the 1st includes the 2nd. From the Hwdef file for Pixhawk1:
'1. hw definition file for processing by chibios_hwdef.py
'2. for pixhawk1, based on fmuv3
'4. include …/fmuv3/hwdef.dat

But the mis ID is of no consequence anyway.

@oveh how many IMUs are on Pixhawk Mini? Compass aside.

My Pixhawk Mini have 2 IMUs.

Is your barometer working?

I found the original booklet that came with Pixhawk min. This is what’s listed

1 × UART Serial Port, Spektrum DSM/DSM2/DSM-X®, Satellite
Compatible Futaba S BUS® Compatible Input/Output,PPM Sum
Signal Input, 12C, CAN, ADC, Internal Micro USB Port

Accel/Gyro/Mag: MPU9250, Accel/Gyro: ICM20608, Baro:
MS5611, Compass: HMC5983, GNSS receiver: ublox Neo-M8N

After flashing with FMUv3

Barometer MS5611 is missing

See if you get readings from it:

I guess “press_abs” comes from the internal barometer

Yes all FC have built in barometer, and it seems to be reading it. Although weather station is reporting 754 mmHg and at home its 986 mmHg. I guess its inside vs outside variance.