3 Position Switch for Smart RTL or RTL switching

Hey guys

i would like to switch between smart RTL and RTL with a 3 Position switch (another one than the flight mode switch)

so i have a 3 position switch to switch between flight mode and a second one mapped like this:
0: Nothing
1: Smart RTL
2: RTL

is this possible without using another RC channel and the Mixing function on my RC controller?
thank you

Nope, not possible, use the mode switch.

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It is an interesting thought, 'though. The two modes in question are not
unrelated. We don’t want people to say “three-pos for stab and acro”
next, 'though :slight_smile: )

There is 2 way to do that but 2 is risky , so i world suggest 1st option

1st option is go to curves page -> choose 1 and select like this

Choose 2 and select like this

Now go to mixes page and select 2 channel and set , just like ch 11 and 12 ok 1 switch SD

And then select ch11 look like this

And ch12 on curve cstm cv2 , and that’s all , you need other thing just tell me

You have 1 switch in 2 mode :sunglasses:

Happy flying

thank you for the advice, this is exactly how i was thinking how it could be done… will give it a try

Ok , let me know it’s working or not and make sure 3pos switch is middle , just because my need is middle :grin: