3.6.9 Overly Aggressive: Navigation Performance Differences Between 3.6.9 and 3.5.x

Hi Everyone,

So this issue is not the easiest thing to describe, but I will try my best.

We have a small fleet of aircraft and we are working on an upgrade from 3.5.5 to 3.6.9 to be able to use new cube hardware without worrying about hardware failures due to recent grounding announcement.

In recent testing, I have noticed that navigation performance in guided is incredibly aggressive in 3.6.9 when compared with 3.5.5. We make heavy use of the pos-vel and velocity controlled modes in guided. There seems to be an alarming increase in how aggressive navigation control appears between these two firmware. It seems like in 3.5.5 these guided modes obeyed some sort of acceleration limits, but in 3.6.9 they seem almost unlimited. I am in the early stages of testing the upgraded firmware, but I am curious if anyone has seen similar navigation performance changes.

Any information or observations would be helpful.


Good day, just check if this scheme can help

Maybe the question wasn’t too clear. We flew guided flights using the same parameter set on 3.5.5 nuttx firmware and 3.6.9 chibios firmware. The vehicle is well tuned when flying using the 3.5.5 firmware and flight seems very graceful.

Upon switching to 3.6.9 using the same WPNav parameters. The same guided navigation seems incredibly aggressive. Small movements result in incredibly violent maneuvers when using 3.6.9.

Throttle is also audibly overactive. Even though the overall throttle out value in the log is not vastly different, you can hear the difference between flights run on both firmwares, where 3.6.9 throttle sounds alarmingly overactive.