3.6.8 crash during stop RTL

pixhawk 2 fw 3.6.8 hexacopter during the flight, the drone went into alarm due to low battery voltage, it started returning home, rising to the established height of 15 meters, and since it was close to me, I stopped the climb by selecting the switch in stabilize, at this point the throttle did not deliver power and went down to peak fortunately it was low and did not suffer any damage. Can it be a bag of the software? He didn’t write this crash phase in the log.


Without log it could be caused by UFO’s as well as the dying battery. Nobody will be able to tell.


It is quite uncommon and could be a cause for anxiety if logging just stops midflight.
What flight controller are you using ?

is a pixhawk 2 hexacopter, I think it is a bug that they are already investigating, it seems that the board goes into lockup under some unknown conditions.

If it locked up then your copter tumbled down from the sky and not started to raise 15m for RTL and not switch to stabilize by the radio. :smiley:

maybe you didn’t understand, it started to rise towards the 15 meters in rtl, but I put in stabilize and it is in that moment that it came down losing power, but the strange thing is that there is no trace in the log of the loss of engine power or altitude …

How may I help you if we can’t see a crash log? Even a log without crash info could do some help if you may upload it.

the anomaly is that he did not write to the log as you see is truncated and there is no trace of a crash

you have some other, more serious reliability issues.
The logging stops after only 170 seconds of flight.
During all the logged time, the lowest voltage was 11.1v.
Your BATT_LOW_VOLT was set to 10.5
Hence we don’t even see RTL, because logging stopped long before…

Check your SD card for a fake using https://fight-flash-fraud.readthedocs.io/en/stable/ or other tool.
Bad SD is not a reason to crash, but without log, I tend to blame the gremlins, and it is often as good guess as any other … without a log.

thanks Andre i will check

Hi your log_bitmask = 262142 which means you log all + Motbatt. Perhaps the speed of your SD-Card or system can not cope with this amount of date. Try once to set log_bitmask = 830 which is default and reduces the amount of data siginificant. Format the SD-card in your PC and then try again. if it still not logs the whole flight then you have another issue.