3.6.7 giving some strange results for auto tune

I’m getting a lot of out of range values using autotune and the latest 3.6.7. SR0_RAW_SENS is being set to 20, range is 0-10, previous AT results was 2. Also ATC_ANG_PIT_P, RLL and YAW are 13.5, 13.5 and 7. All out of range. Seems to fly well. Concerns? This is after three auto tunes.

Who define what you consider to be “out of range” ?
The serial rate can be higher as long you have the data link throughput needed.
PIDs have no certain limits.

SR0_RAW_SENS range in the full param list is 0-10. ATC_ANG_PIT/Roll/Yaw_P have a max of 13, 13 and 6. But is seems to fly well. Here a clip from some free flying.

Yes, those are just typical values as a suggestion/guideline.
Just use whatever works best for you.

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