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3.6.7 Benewake TF02 Lidar

Hey, we are trying to make Benewake TF02 Lidar work with pixhawk 4 (without success yet).
The TF02 lidar is connected to UART & I2C B port on pixhawk. Parameters are set as in this article .
Sonarrange stays at 0. We have tried almost every parameter possibilities and checked whether connections are correct several times.

Does anyone have experience with this setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had the same trouble with the Benewake TF03. Nothing worked until I tried RNGFND_TYPE = 20 (TF mini). works well with that.

which firmware did you get it to work on?


Copter 3.6.8. Havent used the lidar since going to 3.6.10.

Gosh That Damn Lidar… Same issue with me… I have tryed connecting it to the PC with TTL uart with its software downloaded from the benewake site and i still dnt get any feed back there as well. Have you try the Lidar connected to the PC? any output
and i also tryed every parameter and changed it to other variants as well like TF 02 mini and TF03 but no luck…


TF02 is pretty simple to install and operate as long as you provide a good supply, like a dedicated 3Amps UBEC with common ground between all components

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You means to say that the 3A matters apart from 5V supply? I have tested with the BEC of a ESC with 5V out. But didn’t even made a sign of its working. Im Not Sure about the amperage. Should test with 3A 5V and see…


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