2nd GPS does not work


  • MATEK H743 wing
  • vk18u7 GPS connected to Rx7/Tx7
  • ublox neo GPS connected to Rx2/Tx2
  • currently no compass connected (to be in the future)


  • Serial 1&3 baud 115 (tested 38 on both too, see first question)
  • Serial 1&3 protocol 5
  • Serial 1&3 options 0
  • Dual GPS mode use best and blend both tested

for debugging an ftdi serial usb converter is connected with RX to either Rx7 or Rx2 of the FC. (so i can view either GPS Tx output)

first question:
i noticed that with the baudrate of Serial1 and Serial3 (Equals the HW-Uart 2 and 7) set to 9, 38 or 115: the baudrate of the GPS modules (checked with ftdi as described and u-center software) is always 115200. Is that a bug or infact correct?

second question: I do not seem to be able to get the 2 GPS Modules working as redundant and/or blending GPS sources. I can only get the gpsstatus to display 1 or 3, gpsstatus_2 is always 0

Any ideas what the problem could be?



you have GPS_TYPE2 = 1?

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You just made me feel very stupid. It works Thanks!!!

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