2023,are you looking for these new technology in your drone?

All designs by T-MOTOR

  1. Propeller Locking Mechanism for VTOL, by our efforts and the propeller can keep in the same direction always. Youtube: T-MOTOR Propeller Locking Machenism for VTOL UAV (from 5kg-100kg taking-off weight) - YouTube

  2. Customized propeller pitch,Linkedin:T-MOTOR on LinkedIn: #drone #uav #quadcopter #uas #propeller

  3. T-MOTOR has successfully developed a set of solutions with the bldc motor , ESC to the overall integrated structure and has practical applications which can meet the needs of drones used in special electromagnetic scenarios,Linkedin: An invisible killer to cause crash-Environment-electromagnetic interference for UAVs

What technology do you expect to add to the drone, which can become the perfect drone state in your mind, welcome to share it with me

I expect that you integrate your Datalink v2 product into ArduCopter ASAP. Preferably using a CAN connection, there are two CAN connectors on the Datalink v2 so it should be possible.

That will allow users to avoid doing Notch filter calibrations on their vehicles, and access all the nice telemetry information from all the ESCs. This is a LOT more important than self locking propellors.


What @amilcarlucas said.

Hi Amilcarlucas, first of all, thank you for your comment, which has also been transferred to T-MOTOR’S R&D team, the development of technology and the test for whether is suitable for our product need some time, but we will still work on it since the market trend is so important for us.

As far as I know @khancyr and @peterbarker have already an almost working solution here:

But they do need your support to test it and release it.


@Jessica Integrate your Datalink v2 product into ArduCopter ASAP.

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Also wiki in arducopter documentation will be also needed. Regularly people asking how to setup t-motor alpha escs, motors, etc… with Arducopter…

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@Jessica i agree, integrating Datalink V2. Many many users want this. Perhaps you can support @peterbarker and @khancyr with testing?

@Jessica Any progress on this? Or is T-Motor ignoring the users?

If my experience dealing with them on whoop boards is any indicator, they will ignore for awhile then claim some internal secrecy as to why it cannot be corrected.

Hi Everyone, firstly thank you all for those comments, we appreciate that you can leave time here and express your feelings, and as I said in the previous post, what I can do is collect market information and convey it to our R&D colleagues as completely as possible. and the follow-up research and development of a technology takes time, and internal evaluation is not something that can be completed or promised in a short period of time, so I hope everyone can understand.

The video of the propeller locking mechanism was shared a year ago.

I have tried several times to get an answer about what software or hardware you are selling that does the job? How do we setup and make this work?

Don’t hold your breath😂 I don’t even think tmotor knows what to do with the datalink2. An example would be some of the original Alpha esc’s that can’t communicate with the datalink. You can’t even update your firmware. Communication with a Cube, that would be a pipe dream : )


Hi Tegwin, This motor is a customized model.

Hi Shaun, try to use the old software to flash other programs first
New software may not recognize too old programs, it may help you to connect the original ALPHA with Datalink

the trick is about the magnet and not the electromagnet. interestingly, I am curious does it affect/reduces the efficiency of the motor rotation.

We went through every version with customer support. It will record data though, but it’s a little buggy. RPM’s are double what they really are. Kind of sad as I had replaced all the U8pro’s and Flames esc’s with more modern U8II’s and Alpha HV esc’s lol. Just not modern enough for the Datalink2. At 8 units, a bit of an expensive mistake.

Hi Shaun, do you have any record files? So that I can take notes.

What type of records would you need? I have recorded data from the Datalink2 of some flights. Those are the logs showing my U8II 100kv motors spinning at 4700rpm’s at hover. Being an X8 at 16kg, I’m pretty sure that double. Could have something to do with the new Datalink2 not using the Alpha dedicated rpm wire.

Yes if you have the relevant record, you can send me by WhatsApp at +86 13077952712,