2009 MacBook running Linuxmint, but mission planner wouldn’t connect to the drone

Dear support team:

I have an issue with getting mission planner to work in linuxmint let me explain. I have a 2009 white MacBook 13” laying around, which I decided to switch from the un update able Mac OS to linxmint, so I could used it “basically as a drone operating software laptop.” I installed the latest Linuxmint OS and it works great. However, I have followed the YouTube installation instructions of installing mission planner into Linux, but I continue to get a “permission denied.”

What specific permission do I need to change to actually have aconnection between mission planner and the drone?

Is it a linxmint issue and do I asked them the same question?

Thank you in advance for your response,

Gator 44860

its most likely something to do with modem-manager, or just permissions to the port itself.

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you can try to run apmplanner2 or qgroundcontrol - those multiplatform GCS will clearly warn you/tell you to remove modemmanager or add dial-in permissions - whatever is needed.

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