2-step disarming protocol

Is there any way to enable a protocol that will disarm the plane only if two switches have been toggled?
I intend to do LR FPV and I fear I might accidentally prod the disarm switch and thus lose my homepoint and with it, my home arrow and distance readings.
If it isn’t possible on Ardupilot, is it possible on OpenTX?

Anything is possible in OpenTX/EdgeTX. I have used that to set up two switch arming/disarming. It can be done with logical switches in many different ways depending on how you want to use it.

Here’s an example: EdgeTX Snippet • Two Stage Timed Arming Sequence PLUS Throttle Check - YouTube

As for the LR FPV, I have had similar fears about bumping arming switches so I’ve actually reverted to rudder arming on some planes.

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Thank you! Will look into it.

I’m setting up mine with a one-switch emergency motor stop, and two-switch arm/disarm. That way I can kill the motor fast if needed, but there’s less risk of accidental disarm.


That sounds quite smart– I assume one is able to restart the motor whilst in the air after accidentally triggering the emergency stop?

Yes. Hitting the stop switch and then flipping it back works just fine.

The “emergency stop motors” documentation at Auxiliary Functions — Plane documentation points to a video that says that after a certain amount of time with the emergency stop engaged the plane will disarm, but I have not found this in my testing.

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Thank you for your guidance, I got it all set up now and finally have the peace of mind of knowing there isn’t a switch waiting to make me lose all motor power and navigation information when far away.