1st Flight with 3.4-rc1

My 1st flight with 3.4Rc1 on my F450 (Pixhawk 2.4.8) was a big success. I enabled Oneshot125 (MOT_PWM_TYPE=2) and used otherwise default parameters (PID’s) and I was very happy with the performance. My first attempt at Throw Mode failed but I don’t think I achieved the 2.5m/s threshold so it just dropped back to earth (no damage). It’s a difficult feature to test the first time w/o some confidence it’s going to work. But overall very pleased; thanks for the effort!

Ok, thanks for the testing. It actually has to reach 5m/s in some direction… and it must be gaining height by at least 0.5m/s. 5m/s seems a little high and that round number, “5” may mean that the choice could be changed (i.e. it may not have been validated that it’s the best mix of safety vs usability).