1s Lipo flight controllers

Are there any flight controllers that run on a 1S lipo battery that run Ardupilot?

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If you feel like hacking stuff up, the FCBs for the SkyViper Journey Pro GPS and 2450GPS might fit the bill.

Also, platforms like the Matek F411 can run ArduPilot and do come in 1S/2S configurations, like the BetaFPV Beta65 Pro 1S board I have currently (though I’ve not tried ArduPilot on this particular unit).

Outside of those, I think this post will be incredibly helpful (though you’ll have to pick through the supported platforms to find 1S variants):

Thanks. It seems the Matek F411 requires at least 6.5 V to power it, which is 2S, not 1S.
The BetaFPV board is what I want, but there is no Ardupilot target for it in https://firmware.ardupilot.org/Plane/stable/.
Of all the boards listed, are there any that can be powered by a 1S battery?

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Nor will there be. Not enough flash and no barometer.

I don’t think so. 2S is pushing it on some boards. I use 2S on a Matek H743 board and not all the BEC’s are working…

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