15 V to Payload?

Hello everybody,

I was looking for a feasible solution capable to provide 15 V to my Payload.
Among all the possible devices I have tried to find an UBEC/SBEC capable to provide such a Voltage, but I have not been able to find it one over 12 V as output.

do you have an advice for this topic?

Nonetheless I have keept searching and eventually with the help of other collegues we have found this device

Do you think this solution is feasible?
Do you have other advices?

Best regards

What’s the input voltage and how much current do you require?

The input voltage is a 6S lipo and the device requires 2.7A.

I found more detail of that regulator from another source. It could work but close to max current for 15Vout. It would appear to be ~40W buck regulator. See the notes about output current at Vout:

So 15v * 2.7A = 40.5 watts. You are going down from 22.2v to 15v so you need step down DC-DC voltage regulator with 50 watts or more of capacity. A buck converter is the best type for this.Simpler non adjustable units generally stop at 12v the few I could find in a little bit of searching that where 15v where 10 watts.

This unit has a 75 watt max with a 50 watt recommended
Buck Converter Amazon

If you want something diffrent there are lots of options once you know the key terms to search with.
I got the best results when looking for “buck DC to DC converter”

what do you think about this one?

It claims 200 watts so it should work