1-2Km long mission planning

Hi All,
Want to plan mission of 1 or 2Km delivery, this is just testing not actual delivery.
I have questions

  1. I should disable radio fail safe, right?
  2. What should be speed?
  3. What any other parameters, do i need to modify? (hope none)

Are you used frsky xm , xm+ , xsr , rxsr and so on so on my choice is yes disable radio fs , and are you used R9 or crossfire so you can continue

Depend on your payload , capabilities on your motor and copter weight ratio , and it’s also Will make a difference on your flight time

Make sure your battery fs is on , and make sure^2 flight time is enough for actual point and return to home

I think that’s all

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for reply.

Yes, I have R9M module, but still it may loose connection, because place i am sending drone is not plane, i mean its not case one end of hill transmitter and other end we are sending drone.

I feel transmitter will loose connection due to long horizontal distance, trees etc.

Now i just worried about any GPS glitch.

R9M module should have enough range - but I would disable transmitter FS if you are certain about the aircraft performance.

Why are you worried about GPS glitch? Do you face this issue often? I would never send my aircraft on a BVLOS mission w/o transmitter if it has issues with GPS - or any other issues for that matter.

As per speed, try to find your optimal cruising speed that minimizes mAh/km (this value can be seen in MP hud).

You can try 1W output i think it’s good for 1Km
But anyway you disable radio fs then radio can’t do anything except mission was not completed or any other fs creat

Don’t worry dear will be happy which module are used ?

And are you going long rang with full version then try this

And also you can control the system over 4G LTE

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ublox NEO-M8N GPS with Compass for Pixhawk.

Absolutely don’t worry , and you really worried about your location or just wondering about your gps so try this


You have lots of things to consider a good thing.

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

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