1.2kg 1080p Controller with 1200nit , Five-finger Touch Control screen,IP52,5km Control Distance


May I have your opinion about a new Mobile GCS?Which is based on Pixhawk FC.

It has the basic functions of the ground station,it’ s much more light and impact.


Size (L W H):320x142x54mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Operating System: Android 7.1, Six-Core Processor
Screen: 7-Inch Touch Screen
Battery: 11.1V,8000mAh
Video Output: HDMI
Transmission Distance:5km
Working Temperature: -20℃~55℃
Resoultion: 1920*1200
Max Brightness: 1200nit
Touch Screen: Max. 5-point Simultaneous Touch
Battery Life: 5 Hours

1. High Integration

It combines functions of remote control, computer, data and image transmission, antenna and monitor.

2. Image and Data Transmission in One

Etlas mobile integrates high resolution image link, data control station and remote control link for bidirectional transmission. It supports SBUS, HDMI and other connectors, allowing for real-time bidirectional data transmission. Image-data integrated transmission.

3. Touch Control to Switch Interface
Users can simply touch the screen to switch between the ground station interface and UAV interface accordingly.

4. Ultra Bright Screen

1200nit enable you can watch the screen very clearly under strong sunshine.

5. IP 52 Ingress Protection
Etlas mobile is of IP52 Ingress Protection. Wrapped by silicone cell and sealed with 3M glue,
Very high resistant to dust and water. Even completely buried into dust, it can still function perfectly.

6. Five-finger Touch Control
Etlas mobile is equipped with ultra-sensitive screen that allows for five-finger touch control and avoids interference caused by accident touch. It is therefore able to work under complex environment with great stability and reliability.

I’ll highly appreciate it if you can offer your professional opinions.!

The most obvious question - How much?
It all looks good but there are other contenders for these functions.
So price is going to matter.

When can we purchase these?

Where can we purchase these?

Edit: Having looked through your info and all info on the English and Chinese sites I notice there is no depiction of the drone end of the system.
Your images above, and all websites do not show the Receiver nor any idea of its size, connections or mounting.
I did find a price of 3,999Y on the Chinese website but that only depicts the Tx, but at that price it is not much cheaper than HereLink.

I am sorry to say it looks a lot like vapourware.

So please @rickyg32 can you give us some info on this unit.
Even pictures, pretty please.

Very nice,.
I just received one of these to mess with.

Love to see some photos of what’s included and here how well it works!

Here-link is still in beta and very clunky so I’d be curious to hear if this is any better.

Here is the case with all the bits that come with the unit.

Here is the case with out the bits.

Here are the bits.
Camera and LED
Firmware Updater
USB charger
Misc Cables.

There is the transmitter itself sitting on the case.


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Do you have some more technical information?
The air unit has hdmi and serial telemetry inputs? Mavlink?

Does the ground station habe any possibility to relay mavlink telemetry via usb or wifi?
Is it possible to run qGroundControl with video input?

And last but not least, what does it cost?


well,I bought this because i need use it for my DIY drone. the receiver is a little box covers HD module.
it is the more User-friendly and smarter than other GCS which i have ever used.
Compare herelink it has better performance in duration time, screen, channel.
And you are right, price is higher than Here link.

wow, sounds good, i would love to learn more as well, if the performance is great i might consider have one.

i might know something between the 3 GCS:
Droneup vs herelink vs siyi
My opinion is: it might suit different requirement, for Droneup which he posted the mini GCS looks like more professional that can be used for industry drone or anmanned boat or tank, because it posted IP 52 Ingress Protection, assume it is more expensive.
while herelink, it might have less functions and less user friendly.
siyi, maybe @mboland and @rickyg32 can let us have more details.

yes, i would love to share you some pictures, you will see it is very handy

the GCS uses serial telemetry inputs and support Mavlink protocol
it can uses qGroundControl with data communication, video display and remote control
above all, the GCS can use Open source qGroundControl and open source flight control so that you do your own free adptations.

it has more functions indeed.
What GCS will this work with?- ??



Transmission Range 2 km (effective operation range, ground to ground)
Frequency Band 2.400-2.483 GHz
Channels 14 physical channels, 14 output channels
Applicable Models Planes/Helicopters/Gliders/Quadcopters/Multi-rotors/Vehicles/Boat/Robotics
Compatible Flight Controllers Open Source Flight Controllers: PIX, APM, etc.



Camera Angle FOV 120°
Dimension (Videolink Module) 1062541 mm
Item Weight 108 g
Power Consumption (Navigation Light) 8 W
Luminous Flux 120-140lm/W
LED Type Translucent
LED Searching Angle 120°
Operation Temperature -10℃ to 55℃


Device for Display 7", Android OS, 2G RAM + 16G ROM
Dimensions 308 x 148 x 72 mm
Item Weight 1100 g
Battery Type 13000 mAh LiPo 1S 3.7V
Battery Working Temperature 0℃ ~ 55℃
Charging Micro-USB 5V/2A
Working Time >9 hrs


Signal Output 14 Channels of S.BUS, 5 channels of PWM
Datalink Port (to FC) UART, CAN (optional)
Dimensions (without antennas) 59 x 59 x 16 mm
Item Weight (without antennas) 50 g
Antenna Gain 5 dBi
Working Voltage 15 - 50 V
Telemetry Voltage 15 - 50 V
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 55℃

What about Siyi AK28 HD:
Anyone used it with Arducopter ?

I would love to get my hands on one. The version I have is AWESOME. I love it…the HD version is even sweeter.

hello can anyone help me I have skydroid T10/R10 with FC jiyi K3-A able to use the receiver and cam can view but there is no gps status battery level google map don’t work and no osd display …tq