Zubax Myxa ESC?

I am putting together a dual prop plane that will be carrying a pretty expensive payload so its sourced from high quality parts but I am unsure of what ESC to use. I came across the Zubax Myxa and it looks like the perfect choice however I am a little bit unsure of UAVCAN. Is support in Arduplane far enough along that this is a reliable

Heres a link the the ESC

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UAVCAN escs are supported. I’ve not used that specific esc though.
FYI Toshiba and KDE also have high end CANBus escs that will be supported very soon.

I never knew toshiba made ESCs. Do you happen to have a link to some information?


There is a pull request for Toshiba ESCs under development here. There are also links to more information at the Pull Request page.
At this point it only addresses control of ESCs, but may grow to include telemetry.

I am still holding out for telemetry support from UAVCAN ESCs - we’re so close!
KDECAN ESCs and BLHeli_32 ESCs have supported Telemetry all the way down to the ground station. KDECAN support is still waiting to be merged into Master, so it will be some time before they can be used.

As James has pointed out, UAVCAN ESCs are supported - but just the throttle command portion.

I’m hoping we’ll get telemetry support for UAVCAN soon, but it is developer-dependent, and I don’t want to make a faux pas by clamoring too much for it.

KDECAN is merged, ToshibaCAN will only be a day or two I imagine.
I’d forgotten that UAVCAN esc telemetry feedback wasn’t mainline. No promises but I’ll dig back and look at that.


If it helps at all, there was a start on receiving and logging ESC Status messages to DataFlash. Here’s the pull request.
It doesn’t handle sending to GCS like KDECAN or BLHeli_32, but I think it takes care of the heavy lifting.

Thanks, I think now im trying to weight the pros and cons of going the KDE route or the Myxa

If you have doubts about UAVCAN, you can use RCPWM. It’s quite reliable and is supported in the Myxa ESC.

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I also have these now. Has anyone tested these with anything other than RCPWM?

Update: Myxa works with UAVCAN from a cube! Unfortunately I do not have log messages available from the ESC… see

Telemetry is also not available at the GCS. It’s kind of unfortunate that UAVCAN came first, but now KDECAN and ToshibaCAN are further ahead.

Telemetry works with Kiss 32 ESC and OlliW UC4H carriers. :slight_smile:


what is the best way to hook these escs up? UAVCAN or RCPWM and where can I find straightforward directions?

Has anyone been able to get the Myxa’s telemetry working over UAVCAN?

I got the nodes connected and configured and I can see correct esc.status messages sent by the Myxas but I’m not able to see the data in the MissionPlanner status section.

Any update on these ESC’s? Has anyone got the data feedback working? I am thinking about ordering some of these, but they are expensive for me as a hobbyist