Zubax GNSS 2 on Pixhawk2.1 - Not receiving a signal

Hi all,

I am working with a pixhawk2 on a traditional heli platform. I have a zubax GNSS 2 as a receiver.

I have been unable to get the receiver to send any GPS signal to the pixhawk or at least show it in mission planner.

I have tried both CAN 1 and 2 ports on the pixhawk. Attached is a photo of how I have the Zubax plugged in.

I have followed the instructions laid out by Zubax. I have tried some other things from various forums but with no luck.

Does anyone know how to get this going? My understanding is power should be applied from the pixhawk, but LED’s don’t seem to turn on when I’ve powered up the pixhawk/heli.

Thanks for any input.

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