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ZOON - 2.4Ghz LoRa Telemetry Module

ZOON is 2.4Ghz LoRa based long range telemetry module. ZOONv3 can send data up to 21km at 0.5kbps and 6km at 125kbps.
ZOON adds mavlink rssi packets to mavlink enabled data beside LED signal indicators.
Furthermore, " Mavlink NEVER LOST " also dynamically changes data speed and sends only necessary packets such as position,orientation,rtcm(rtk gps),etc. when the drone/robot is far away.

As ZOON uses LoRa chirp spread spectrum, It has strong immunity to reflection from obstacles and other wireless signals around.

Connection to ZOON can be with microUSB, JST - SM04B-GHS-TB, or ST - SM06B-GHS-TB.
It is also full-duplex . (Note also that it has half-duplex physical connection as similar to WiFi).

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A verry interresting new Product. But how about interference with the standard RC TX/RX Systems on the same UAV?

Hi it doesnt interfare with other radio signals because Lora use CRISP modulation which is different than any other radio signals. and also you can set the frequency to sub 2.4Ghz -2.5Ghz frequencies

Verry interesting. Will try a pair.

good day,
im looking also for lora telemetry… if you were able test it can you tell me pls if this telemetry is worth or not

I was informed by someone who has tested it with ArduPilot that when bidirectional communication starts, they will freez and must be rebooted. The range should be “phenomenal”
They didn’t work, even after updating the firmware. And now the project was stopped.

What kind of LoRa telemetry do you have used?

No one, I was waiting the result as reported above. And with this I did not order.

ok… can be a defective hardware or an error while updating the firmware

We have updated the firmware and also sent the instruction " how to update the firmware on zoon" please update the firmware. We have found the bug on UART driver and fixed.

Thanks for the information. This could be a verry interesting Telemetry tool for ArduPilot when it works.

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