Zero Throttle at RTL, Auto, Loiter mode

Please help.
Dont work RTL, Auto and Loiter mode in Arduplane.

I am build airplane thit hardware: 3DR Ardupilot 2.5.6 (official) with latest firemware - arduplane 3.2.1.
Radio: FrSky Taranis Plus X9D with X8R reciever, GPS 3DR (Ublox Lea 6H), radio 933 Mhz.
body aircraft and power: Nine Eagles Sky Climber .

Plane very good flight in manual and stabilize mode.
But no power (zero throttle) after selecting Loiter, RTL, or Auto mode.
I am install old firemware up to version 2.7 with no results.

I am very good check all servo cables, radio configuration, reverses - all ok.
Its my second airplane.

I am attach config for Mission Planner and log of flight.

Telemetry and raw log ot flight.

Many Thanks for help.