Zealot H743 FC Arrived

Feel free to relocate this post - this FC has generated some chatter here.

The PIX indicates what the package contains - looks complete, and took exactly one week (including the holiday) to arrive. I can live with that.

After doing a bench configuration, I’m planning on initially flying it on a F450 quad to shake it out, and will report any issues. (Quad: 3S, old 2212s, 1045)

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Thanks so much for posting. I’m really pleased with how fast these arrive. The longest so far has been 2 weeks from order to door (in the US). I’l look forward to seeing it in your quad!

Hi Tim - yes, took only one week, door to door. I was surprised!
It came with Copter 4.2.2. I upgraded to the latest upon arrival.
So far, have completed the mandatory setup with no issues, except for the GPS/Compass (tomorrow).
The test quad is an old, but OK, DJI F450 frame. I’m using a D4R-II RX I had, and an 3DR Iris+ controller.
Motors are 2213 with no-name 30A ESC - should fly.
PIX when complete…

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