Yet another "the telemetry radio won't talk to me!" thread

Greetings. I have a new pair of model 1 915mhz radios – I haven’t worked with these before. The ground side plugged into USB fine, green light flashes once a second or so, and I was able to load parameters into the config program on the first try.

The air side is fighting me. It has a connector with black/red/green/bluish. I hooked this up to a Prolific USB<>serial cable red to vcc, black to ground, green to green, white to blue. This appears to be correct.

When the cable is initially plugged in, the green and red leds flash once momentarily. Then nothing (that is, no green led flashing at intervals). Attempts to talk to the command interface with a terminal emulator have so far failed, regardless of baud rate selected. Obviously, I’ve tried normal commands, +++, etc.

For each character typed, I see the red and green led blink – seems reasonable. However, there is no echo, no OK, nothing back – again despite various baud rate settings and reasonable char lengths (needless to say the config program and mission planner aren’t doing any better).

I don’t had a scope handy, which is a pain. However, a voltmeter attached to the output from the board shows the voltage spike and hold upward if I keep sending characters into the card, suggesting that something is indeed echoing out. And if I connect tx to rx on the prolific usb adapter cable, I see my typed characters echoed appropriately, so that also looks good.

Not making much sense. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi TT300,

The V1 telemetry radios have been obsolete for a while and we didn’t use colored cables, your telemetry radios must be clones.

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