Yet another s800 crash (after a successful flight)

Another failed launch of the s800. I have absolutely no idea what went wrong with this. Be good if someone could take a look to try to understand what on earth is the problem!

The frame did not survive!

You have AHRS_ORIENTATION set to 100. Is that correct ?
Didn’t check your previous log but worth a look if not set up by yourself. How do you calibrate ?

100 means custom !!! :


The board orientation (AHRS_ORIENTATION) seems to be OK, otherwise the artificial horizon in the video above would not match with the real horizon.

A closer look to the log file shows a few other details:

  • a hefty throw with a lot of twist until the plane came inverted (ATT.Roll close to -180 degrees)

  • huge amount of vibrations when the throttle is applied. The vibrations are big enough to create clipping on the sensors. It also correlates to the typical sound of a unbalanced prop in the video.

Hope this helps.

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