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Yet another 2450GPS wifi station mode issue thread


Myself and a group of people are working on a project involving the 2450GPS, and we’d like to get it into station mode.
We’ve experienced the same issues some other people on here have reported, where the WIFI.txt doesn’t seem to work. After updating the firmware (to the most recent Dec 2017 version) I can replicate the issue where having a WIFI.txt on the card means it no longer creates its own access point (i.e. it seems to be attempting to connect to our network) but I can’t see any activity from anything else on the network using Wireshark.

I’ve hardcoded the SSID and key into the Sonix firmware as suggested, but this doesn’t seem to have helped at all. I’ve also used the dev console to run the wifistation command separately, with the same results (reboots and doesn’t host but doesn’t seem to connect too)

For reference the network we’re currently attempting to connect to is simply a virtual WLAN running on a Win7 laptop (as here) which I think may be an issue. We will have access to a router very soon but haven’t been able to test it. Do you think this is likely to be the problem, or are there any other things I could attempt in the meantime?


OK, so we did a very primitive swarm at the Unconference using SKyViper
2450GPS units and an Nvidia TX2.

I have so far been unable to convince a SkyViper to associate with another

The trick to getting it attached to the TX2 was to ONLY permit WPA2

Incidentally, for something like swarming you will need to compile fresh
Sonix code. There are patches in there that let it cope with your vehicle
having a different mavlink source-system-id, which you will need if the
vehicles are on the same network segment.

Just to follow up on this, after using an actual router the issue went away and we were successfully able to connect our drone to our ground control network. :slight_smile:

@JonD What router did you end up using? I’m having my own battle against routers at the moment…thanks! :slight_smile:

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I am trying to setup Station mode as well, did you ever get your system working? I’ve tried a wifi network as well as iPhone hotspot without success.

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