Yesterday's Fail-safe Failures w/Log dated January 1980?

Attached is the log from my scariest flight yet. Zero throttle (left stick down) flight to over 1000 feet, drained bat. and plummet from 100 feet… Can some help me to understand this.

Description: go to local park, put iris in middle of park, check Tx display of stick position. Pitch displayed at 100% down (Forward right stick) even though the right stick is actually centered. I re-calibrate the Tx, to center (click menu to exit) and switch the Tx display to the main screen. Tx batteries recently charged, iris bat. is >95%. Connect Bat and wait for solid green status light, which comes on soon and Tx shows 10 satellites. I attempt to arm (left stick down & right) No confirmation tone from iris and props don’t begin to spin. I apply a little throttle and props start to spin, a bit more and iris lifts off. BUT the motors sound like they are sputtering (rapid increase and decrease rpm without Tx input) iris goes up and down approx 10 feet. Pitch, Roll and yaw seem to be working. I try to land and disarm. no luck…at zero throttle the iris is still flying. trying to disarm (left stick down and left) only yaws left. I try to maintain control and hit RTL. which doesn’t seem to work. I play with the throttle, no luck…I try channel 7 Land, no luck…at this point my iris is rising steadily. at some point i switch to loiter mode. Panicked and sweating, fearing my iris is going to become a missile, I can only try to keep it over the field. I had set one of my channel switches to give me a 12 min countdown timer…Longest 12 min. of my life…timer alarm goes off and I know it will be only a couple minutes before my iris returns to earth in a rapid fashion.

As expected, I could see it descend as the bat drained and somewhere around 100 feet the bat dies, the iris flips and plummets to the ground. 4 broken props and a cracked upper shell. I don’t know about any internal damage from impact yet.

Immediately I plugged into Mission Planner and downloaded the log. When the log screen and list appear, I see the last log #26 in the list is dated January 7, 1980.

I am at a total loss as to what happened and hope some of you experts can help me interpret the log.

how do I attach a file larger than 2MB??

I still don’t know how to upload a larger than 2MB file so here is a link to my google drive. The first link is the bin file and the second is the auto analysis of the log. … sp=sharing … sp=sharing