Yellow line between last waypoint and home


Firstly thanks for Mission Planner, its a great GCS!

I have a suggestion - The yellow line that connects waypoints when planning a mission should not continue from the last waypoint back to home.

The yellow line suggests that the drone (Copter in my case) will fly a path between the last waypoint and the home location.

Perhaps if it was a different color or a dashed line that would make it clear that the mission ends at the last waypoint.


I’m not sure with 'copters but with planes the plane always RTL’s after the last waypoint thus making the yellow line valid.
What does your copter do when it gets to the last waypoint?

I actually agree with this request, even though Graham is correct. I just think the home lines clutter things up and makes it harder to visualize the my grid. As a work around, I usually move home far away just to get those lines out of my way. I know home always resets at GPS lock anyway, so good is it.

Actually, in all my missions I usually have RTL as the last waypoint, or the final waypoint is very near home, or I do an auto land as the last waypoint.

So I may not have realized that the copter does a RTL after the last waypoint.

Certainly in the case of land it’s a bit confusing.