Yellow Cube Issue


I’m having an issue with my yellow cube.

I had this cube running great with the 3.7 DEV firmware. When I installed the latest stable (3.6.10) firmware, I get “Initializing APM” popping up over and over again in the message window and “NO GPS” in the flight deck display. It also won’t calibrate accels nor compass. I’ve tried a few things already:

  • Fresh MP download
  • Reset the board using EEPROM
  • Switched firmware back to 3.7 DEV then to 3.6.10 again
  • Multiple boards

I’ve had this exact problem with all 4 of the yellow cubes I have.

If you have any feedback/ideas for anything else to try I’d appreciate your input.



G’day Ben,
I’ve moved this to the Cube support area for you. Cube Yellow is still a new board, hopefully @proficnc or someone from his team can help you out.

For Cube yellow, I hope you realise that it is very much a Beta product.

Support for it is at

Exactly which firmware are you loading? Where are you getting it?

What is physically connected to it?

Really best to be on 3.7 for the beta hardware, understanding that 3.7 is not at all stable yet

I am getting the firmware here:

All I have connected is the carrier board, GPS, and the cube itself USB into my computer.

Thanks! -Ben

Will look into it.
Chatting with our team

could you please send the tlog?

Just had someone verify, that you need to run 3.7 for the cube yellow to work.

I appreciate it, look forward to hearing. Thanks!

Really? Well that makes sense then why I can’t get it to work without 3.7…But I wonder why there’s a “stable” 3.6.10 released for it.