Yaw wagging in Loiter

I’ve noticed that, while in loiter, my quad will never really hold a steady heading, and videos show a slight but noticable wagging left and right. What is the proper way to diagnose and tune this out?

I don’t know if this is applicable to quads, but some tricopters have experienced this for a while. Recently it was discovered that turning down the Stabilize Yaw P can make the yaw wobble go away. The best way is to put Stabilize Yaw P on Channel 6 and tune it while in the air. To give you a sense of scale, my initial value was over 3 and when I turned it down to just over 1 the wobble was gone. Your wobble could be from some other cause, like frame/motor alignment, but this might be worth a try.

thanks – I was reading about that, but as I read it, it applied to stabilized mode, or at least I don’t know if it would also address the situation in loiter – can you comment on this?

My yaw wobble was probably least noticeable when flying in Stabilize (but definitely there) and most noticeable in AltHold and Loiter. And Loiter was the worst. I tried changing the Rate yaw PIDs with limited success. Finally someone (Turdsurfer??) posted about the good results they achieved by turning the Stabilize Yaw P quite a bit down. I tried it and agree. It worked great. But I have no idea if it would help for a quad or if it would apply to whatever problem you might be having. It’s easy enough to put the value on a channel 6 knob and turn it down while in Loiter. I’m not sure I’d recommend going below 1.00 unless done so cautiously.

Wow, thank you, that’s exactly what I’ll try today. I really appreciate your help and will report back on my results.


Please do let us know how it goes. I think the yaw code needs a little work on all machine types.