Yaw turning speed tuning


what’s the best way to set the yaw turning speed (angles/sec.) for all the pilot-controlled flight modes?

At the moment our system is too aggressive (read “too fast turning”) and we would change it, without touching the transmitter curves.

Is the right parameter the ACRO_YAW tuning? Or it’s better to change the PID?

Other params are well.

Waiting for a suggestion, thanks.

No, you must not change any PIDs. Their value is important for flight stability and external noise rejection.

There are pilot input shaping parameters to do what you want.

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Reduce ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX to half of it’s present value and go from there
You can also add some expo to yaw in the transmitter - in a Taranis and TX16S we use 40%
This allows finely controlled yaw with small stick movements

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Thanks @amilcarlucas @xfacta for the clarification.

I expected to not modify the PIDs, just wanted to be sure what parameter to change.

One more question related to the same topic: can I modify these parameters while flying?

I expect that some parameters cannot be modified while flying, i.e. PIDs.

Please let me know, thanks.

Parameters shown for Transmitter based Tuning (in-flight, chan 6) can be changed. Check them out.
Tx tuning

Thanks @dkemxr , this means that we cannot tune in-flight the ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX parameter.

Sound strange, since PIDs seem to be included in this in-flight procedure.


You wont need to tune that in flight, the effect is obvious but not critical like changing PIDs