Yaw/rudder (channel 4) isn't working


Im running a DJI F550 Hexa. Its fitted with the APM 2.5 and 3.2.1 firmware.
I also have the Turnigy I10 (Flysky rebrand), mode 2 config).

I have the following issue:
My ch4 b isnt responding. In the radio-calibration-screen all my chanels respond except ch4.

So far I switched ch1 and ch4 to see if I could rudder/yaw with my other stick. The roll/aileron worked on the same stick as the throttle. (my stick isnt broken) but the yaw/rudder function still didn’t work.
It seems the yaw/rudder function.

Help would be much appreciated :smiley: Kind regards


I’m having the same problem…Did you resolved it?

Not yet

Tell us a few more details about what you have to better assist you. Are you using PPM or PWM from your Receiver?

When you switch CH1 and CH4 did you switch the wire or did you switch it through your transmitter?

When you are on the radio calibration screen does any switch, knob, ect move CH4? Some transmitters output the PPM stream differently and your yaw/rudder may be assigned to a rotary knob on accident (If you are using ppm).