Yaw (rotation) overshoot

I am still tuning my yaw.
I programmed my transmitter so that it sends full left rudder for 1 sec by flipping a switch.
The log shows a big overshoot in yaw.
From the moment the rudder input stops it takes nearly a second until yaw rate is zero.

If I fly one my helis with a normal fbl system (vstabi, microbeast), rotation stops immediatly if I release the rudder.

How can I tune this?

Dataflash upload does not work, the log is here

To reduce the overshoot, you could increase the D term a little bit and check again the overall response. To make it turn sharper, you could increase the P term, but physics has its limits. The drone has some inertia and it can’t start and stop immediately.

I have already done that. P 0,18 -> 0,38, D 0,003 -> 0,01.
Nothing changed.
The heli has flown with a microbeast and stopped almost imediately.

much better now…
Now rotation stops within about 250msec instead of 1sec.