Yaw Overshoot only manual input

Hi All,

I am baffled i owned a 680 hexa. after many flights without issue i upgraded to a larger frame the tarot 980.
Same setup same motors same esc etc. now i have lots and lots of yaw drift even after changing some parameters around like acro and the pids. also did autotune whitch gave me idiotic numbers on the i and d.
i am at a complete loss. i even changed to an extend i crashed. compass callibrated. esc callibrated. transmitter whitch is futaba t14sg callibrated. What the other day caught my attention is that in failsafe the damn thing turns like it is supposed to. it feels like the drift in cars when u give to much gas. it doesnt turn back either i give command yaw let go and the vehicle turns another second and then stops.
i really searched all over the interwebs i hope someone can help.

chears Edwin

As always post a link to the .bin log file.

Sorry baut that didnt know i am new https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wDL9d956Ln2zUGWXoyr_VAn_KqaLcg98 hope this works


Anyone have any insight on the overshoot ? have tried a lot of settings.

The 1st thing you should do is enter proper values for these parameters. I can’t imagine the havoc it’s playing.

Forget a decimal point?
What size props?

Hi Dave,

havoc ? is it that bad ? i will go over the params again for that decimal point. by the way does it matter if u put a point or a comma was just wondering i have foldable props by tarot the 1555 ones. i think it is 15 inch. can u tell me what u found in the log file ?

u mean

thank u so much i really appreciate the help


Sure it’s bad being an order of magnitude off. The motor thrust curve is a function of these.

Some of the motors are commanded to max which doesn’t leave any headroom for stability including yaw. I would set the PID’s back to default and then follow these basic tuning instructions: